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About Us

SWOT Wizard is one of the remarkable website which is completely focused on SWOT Analysis. A small team of 7 members runs this website collaboratively. They are publishing well researched SWOT analysis reports on different brands and industry regularly basis. And most of the readers of this site are entrepreneurs and BBA/MBA students.

SWOT analysis is such an amazing and useful framework that helps to evaluate any company’s competitive position. Decision makers of a company always do a SWOT analysis of their company and as well as their competitors before making any strategic decision.

BBA/MBA students also look online for different companies SWOT analysis reports for learning purpose. This website is specially working for those students and entrepreneurs. SWOT Wizard team do research first and then creates SWOT reports on different brands and industries. There are a very few websites who are specially focused on SWOT. We are proudly one of them who is dedicatedly creating only SWOT analysis reports and publishing for free.

Founder of SWOT Wizard


Abdullah Al Maruf is founder of the SWOT Wizard website, who is a business graduate, entrepreneur and professional blogger. He has completed his BBA and  MBA degree from Begum Rokeya University, Rangpur. Maruf owns multiple blogs and also co-founded an internet marketing agency named ‘GrowizLab‘.

While studying marketing courses in university, he fell in love with SWOT analysis. He found that there is not enough SWOT Analysis reports available online for smaller brands compared than big companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Samsung etc. As a result, he got the idea to start a blog about SWOT Analysis and finally started ‘SWOT Wizard’ in 2022. For ensuring quality and consistency, he runs this site with a small team of content writers who are also from business backgrounds. Maruf dreams to establish SWOT Wizard as No. #1 website among all websites who are working on SWOT Analysis. Stay connected with Maruf on LinkedIn.

Interesting Fact:

Maruf did SWOT Analysis of himself before taking decision to start SWOT Wizard!

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